Johann Huber-Guiterrez, Mobile Strategy & Product Development (Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s) comments about Mogreet MMS Marketing

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“The challenge was that one, I didn’t know what kind of device my customer was on in a lot of cases as a marketer. So when I wanted to send images, audio files, or applications to their handset, I didn’t know which one to send that’s going to work on their device. But now you have Companies like Mogreet, which is doing interesting things in device detection. So being able to detect what device your on through a text message, essentially an MMS message. That same experience from the customers’ perspective to them its just an SMS experience, it’s just like texting. But [Mogreet] can detect the device and send down the appropriate file type so the customers get content that’s going to work on their phone and now [Mogreet] is introducing some cool new features. Now making MMS social. There was a campaign that Mogreet did with Red Bull films. You could text in and get some trailers from the films, but you could also share those — all through that channel, all through texting. This is pretty compelling because it’s something that’s so easy and so many people can do it right now.” – Johann Huber-Guiterrez, Mobile Strategy & Product Development – Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s

We wanted to share this excellent excerpt from Johann Huber-Guiterrez  interview with Ben Smith from Tribal Labs after participating in the panel “The Path to Purchase – How Brands and Retailers Can Influence Shopping Behavior” at MEF Americas 2011, discussing the topic of how MMS is maturing in the consumer’s journey within the retail e-commerce space.

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