Mobile and Social Behavior Sparks a Narrowcast Movement

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In this age of social networking, social platforms users are becoming bombarded by constant status updates from friends and acquaintances as well as news from articles from influencers and media outlets. As this noise diminishes the attention span of  Facebook and Twitter users, it’s is becoming increasingly harder to share news with friends and expect them to see it and respond.

So what do you do?  Email info to your friend?  No way, that inbox is even more crowded!  To make sure your friends receive the articles, videos, and pictures you want them to see, consider sending them a text message.  If it is web based content, why not use Mogreet’s free moShare button to simply share web content directly into their text inboxes?  Easy to use, just download the web browser bookmarklet and start sharing today.

Is mobile web-to-text sharing effective?  Yes!  As you can see in the Narrowcast vs. Broadcast infographic, the emerging consumer trend is to limit the visibility of their personal information, with consumers opting to share it privately, with only a few, core friends. moShare is a perfect tool for all internet users. Learn more about moShare.

Full infographic under the cut!

See the Mashable article covering this infographic.

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