Mogreet partners with Betterworks!

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We are happy to announce that we are bringing the amazing perks and offerings Betterworks to the Mogreet family!

Being a startup, we live in the typical Silicon Beach startup environment – our employees work hard and play hard.  We have meetings when others are enjoying their morning coffee and are launching customer programs during the average lunch hour.  We are building a business, after all, and that takes time.

But one of the most important aspects of the startup life is managing the work/life balance.  Startups are nimble; business decisions are made at the coffee bar and implemented moments later.  But with nimbleness comes the potential of burn out and employees suffering burn out is the last thing a startup wants to face.

Partnering with Betterworks provided us a way to give back to our employees, to add some play into their day.

We have always embraced different ways to make our employee’s lives just a little bit easier.  We have a highly elaborate coffee bar and our snack table would make even the diehard health nut breakdown.  But Betterworks is a different kind of benefit program.

Betterworks provides our employees a wide range of perks, discounts and low cost opportunities. There are automatic discounts on a wide range of local restaurants – perfect for lunch meetings – they even offer delivery!  Their partnerships with local and national fitness facilities means there’s no excuse to stop exercising. Discounted Spa trips and Car washes? Betterworks makes it possible for our team to eat and shop locally while also saving tons of dough.

Thanks, Betterworks, for making our time at Mogreet, even better.

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