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Ranked the fourth most popular mobile commerce application, Apple’s Passbook, which stores personal items like airline boarding passes, coupons, movie tickets, loyalty cards and gift cards in one convenient location, has quickly emerged as a must-have for all types of retailers & marketers.


Deliver coupons, specials, gift cards and more via the Outspoken messaging platform. Passes are added with one or two-clicks directly to the user’s passbook.


Reach all your mobile customers. Brands can deliver passes to nearly all of their customers, even if that merchant’s app is not currently installed or open.


Passbook passes can be sent in seconds and integrated into any of your existing mobile marketing campaigns using the Outspoken Campaign Manager tool.

Target Locally

Surprise customers with location-based offers and mobile commerce specials, including coupon codes and 2D barcodes, to increase in-store traffic, brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases.

Time and Location
Offer One-Click Downloads

Offer One-Click Downloads

Passbook delivery is simple and easy. For consumers, it takes one click to receive a Pass and add it into their Passbooks. As an Outspoken customer, new Passbooks can be integrated into any existing campaigns seamlessly.

Deliver to Any Device

Consumers on both iOS devices and non-iOS devices with a Passbook reader app that reads PKPassfiles can receive Passbook passes on their Android, Windows or Blackberry devices.

Go Green
Integrate Seamlessly

Drive In-Store Sales

Passes drive sales with coupon codes, 2D barcodes, confirmation numbers and customized information required to track your mobile campaigns. This enables merchants to easily measure ROI and optimize messaging.

Go Green!

Consume less, and provide more. Not only are you letting users store all offers and coupons in one single, convenient app, you're also enabling the Go Green initiative, eliminating the need to carry printouts.

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