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Each week the developer team at Mogreet takes a look at the many projects developers are building using the Mogreet API.  We’ve noticed a pattern – a significant number of developers are using the Mogreet MMS API to add photo sharing to their applications.

Photo sharing is HOT.  Everywhere you look people are taking and sharing photos.  Photos can tell a story, or evoke an emotion that text simply cannot duplicate.  From big brands to the ever-growing number of photo booths, everyone is sharing photos to deepen relationships and increase engagement.

For developers, sharing images breaks down into two key buckets, getting content and sending content.

Getting user generated content using MMS APIs

Getting user generated content sent to you can be easy if you reduce the perceived barriers to entry. Skip 3rd party apps and don’t get lost in email spam filters.  Work with the app your customer is most comfortable with – their native MMS messaging app.

MMS is a function available on 98% of mobile phones in the U.S. And everyone knows how to use it, all they have to do is point, shoot and send it in to you.  Hosting an event?  Use our MMS APIs to create an image quilt featuring images sent in by your guests.

To receive images via MMS, just set up a webhook URL in the Mogreet developer dashboard.  When a user sends in an image to your short code and keyword, we’ll pass you a chunk of XML or json describing the user, any message included, and a URL to retreive the image sent in.

That response looks like this:

“campaign_id”: “12345”,
“msisdn”: “18184225810”,
“carrier”: “Verizon Wireless”,
“message”: “Hello, World”,
“subject”: “Hi, Subject”,
“images”: {
“image”: “”

But what if you want to send user generated content? 

One of our favorite parts of this year’s SXSWi conference was the brand integration photo booths available (Game of Thrones, anyone?).  Photo booths are so popular! You can find them at concerts, conferences, weddings, parties and even in malls, loaded up with teens and grown ups alike taking pictures with friends and family.  Imagine our disappointment to find that 2 of the 4 images taken ended up in our email spam filter, never making it out to our friends, family and social channels.

game of thrones sxsw

Game of Thrones SxSW Photobooth

Skip the email filters.  Stop forcing your users to input their passwords to share your images socially.  Use the tool they would use if they were sending an image to their friend – MMS.  And sending by MMS is easy. You can send the photo to one phone or many, quickly and directly.  Once the photos are on your customer’s phone, they can be shared, easily with friends or social channels.

And photo sharing with Mogreet’s MMS API is easy! 

Simply make a regular transaction.send API call, and include the content_url parameter in that call, pointing to the piece of content you want delivered to the user.

If you can’t provide a URL for us to grab the content you can use the media.upload API call to POST the image data into our cloud content manager, receiving a content_id you can use in the transaction.send API call.

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